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DermaMag™ is a revolutionary new daily magnesium supplement absorbed through the skin. It is the highest quality magnesium available today. One hundred percent natural and contaminant free, it can be applied on the skin like lotion, or used in a footbath soak to deliver high doses of magnesium for rapid absorption.
DermaMag™ solves the problems that riddle most magnesium supplements available today: poor absorption, abdominal upset and diarrhea.
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DermaMag™ can be used two ways. It can be applied to the skin and rubbed in, much like skin lotion. It can also be used in a 20-minute daily foot soak. The quickest way to raise your body's magnesium levels over the shortest period of time is to combine the two methods together.
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"I have had migraines for 21 years, usually once a week. I've known for a about four years about the link between magnesium deficiency and migraines, and have been taking oral magnesium supplement since then - with absolutely no change. Then I read your website and testimonials, and ordered DermaMag. In just one week I was migraine free. This weekend it has been 2 months. No migraines."
(Milly of Orange Lake, Florida)
"I've been using DermaMag for about 6 weeks for my migraines headaches and I’m very impressed with the outcome. It has helped cut down my migraines by over 75%. Thanks DermaMag for the relief from my migraines headaches."
(Adonna of Beatrice Nebraska)
"I have suffered with migraines for 20 years. I started using DermaMag about 4 months ago and my migraines have decreased in frequency and intensity. I am also amazed with the amount of energy that DermaMag gives me. I have two children and they both noticed the amount of energy that I got shortly after starting the magnesium. I also see a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic and told him that I started taking DermaMag and he agreed that it is proven to help migraines. I am so thankful for your product and the best thing is that it has zero side effects."
(Jackie of Columbus, Ohio)
"I've been using DermaMag for about two months for my migraine headaches, and since I began using it, I haven't had any migraines. I use it everyday and apply it to my arms and legs after I shower in the morning and it works wonderfully. I would recommend this product to my friends - that's how good it works. I would rather use this then take any prescription drugs. I've tried over the counter headache pain relievers and they work for a short time then it comes back. But with DermaMag I haven't had any headaches."
(Wendy of Empsom, New Hampshire)
"I have suffered from chronic migraines my whole life and have spent countless dollars on medications. These medications, while alleviating the actual headache, left me feeling listless and ill, and increased the chance of rebounding migraines. Because of this, my migraines had actually increased over the last couple of years and I was feeling as hopeless as I ever had. It is difficult to look forward to another day when you are a chronic pain sufferer. About 3 months ago, I was investigating magnesium as a treatment and came across your ad for DermaMag. I loved the idea of having a product that is absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. After about three weeks of DermaMag, my headache frequency had diminished dramatically. I literally went from four or five headaches a week to maybe just one. And after six weeks I had hardly any. I can deal with the occasional headache, but the almost daily headaches I was experiencing had become a crippling force in my life. Now, each morning that I awaken without a headache, a smile creeps across my face because I can face another day as myself and not a migraine sufferer. DermaMag has truly changed my daily existence and given me a brighter future and happier life! Thank you!"
(Julie of Cincinnati, Ohio)
"I have suffered from migraines for more than thirty years, with almost daily headaches for the last five years. I've tried almost every therapy that's out there. I have taken magnesium in pill form before, but was never able to digest enough of it to do any real good. After using about 1,000 mg of Dermamag per day for ten days, I am thrilled to report that I have had only one mild headache in that time. I use the spray bottle to get about 300 mg in the morning and at noon, and do a footbath in the evening. I am truly amazed at the results. There are no side effects, and my brain already feels clearer without the triptan drugs I was using. Thanks so much for developing this product."
(Brenda of Windham, Connecticut)
"My neurologist suggested that take 450 mg of magnesium a day to counter the massive migraine headaches I started to have almost every morning in addition to my other migraine attacks. After some research I decided on Dermamag and I started rubbing it on my skin every morning, as indicated, 18 weeks ago. The massive migraine headaches I had waking up, disappeared."
(Christine of Falls Church, Virginia)
"I love DermaMag and have been recommending it to everyone I know! I originally started using DermaMag for migraines and found it not only helped with them but also with lower back pain that I was having. I did the foot soak in the beginning and that first week I felt euphoric because I wasn't in any pain. Actually I didn't realize how many little aches and pains I had until I didn't have them anymore, it was amazing. I've been using DermaMag for about eight months now and really enjoy the product and the fact that it's a spray and not pills."
(Sue of Chicago, Illinois)
I incorporated Dermamag into my healing regimen several months ago. It has definitely assisted in diminishing my migraine headaches, and fibromyalgia pain. I started with the foot soaks every night for several months and now do them twice per week. I also spray the Dermamag onto specific pain areas as needed. Thanks for a great product."
(Deb of Jefferson, ME)
"Migraine headaches have been part of my life for many years now. I get them every month due to hormone shifts and also if I’m under any kind of stress. Since I have been taking DermaMag, I can say I have not had a migraine headache. I feel like it allows my body to relax and not get tense in difficult situations. It is easy to apply. I put it on after my morning shower and allow it to soak in for awhile. I was doing it morning and night, but now feel it is okay to do it once a day. If this small routine keeps me free of migraine headaches I will find time to do it everyday!"
(Gretchen of Starksboro, Vermont)
"I just recently started using DermaMag for my migraines. I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of migraines that I have each month. I already take prescription medications to prevent and treat my migraines; however, none of the preventative ones have ever seemed to work as effectively as DermaMag! I have even discontinued that medication because of DermaMag, which is one less drug that I need in my body, and one less co-pay from my pocket book. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"
(Jo of Scott Depot, West Virginia)
"I felt a bit foolish buying your product online, having never heard of it and not having a referral from my doctor. Your description of magnesium deficiency sounded like the symptoms I was experiencing. I was taking Imetrex for migraine headaches about 10x a month ($250.00), and an antiseizure medication every day ($750.00/month). I've been to the emergency room once this year for a migraine that was so bad I thought I was dying. I'm quite serious. I've been using DermaMag for two and 1/2 months and have had only 3 migraine headaches. I'm convinced of the effect that DermaMag has had on my vascular system, which has almost eliminated my headaches."
(Jamie of Salem, Wisconsin)
"I've suffered from migraines for years, and was looking for an alternative to drugs. After some research I decided to try magnesium supplements. I tried the pill form, with some improvement, but too many side effects. Then I found your website and decided to give DermaMag a try. I must confess I didn't follow the instructions exactly, and used much less than you recommend, and often forgot about it entirely! When I returned from a long holiday last summer I found myself caught in a cycle of more frequent headaches to the point where I was taking more than the recommended amount of migraine drugs and painkillers. Think rebound headache! Alarmed, I knew I had to break this cycle. Then I remembered the DermaMag, still sitting on the shelf. I began rubbing on liberal amounts at bedtime, on the back of my neck, shoulders, arms, and forehead, and even on my arthritic knee, while gradually decreasing the painkillers. Soon I found I was no longer waking up with a headache. The pain during the day has decreased also. Thank you for your product!"
(Sharon of Ontario, Canada)
"I was having headaches every day, popping any over the counter pain reliever that I could find, but nothing worked at all. Then one day my fiance was searching the web for causes of headaches and what could be done. Suddenly he came upon your website and began reading about DermaMag. He ordered some and I began to use it faithfully every day and after only about one week I began to be headache free..NO MORE HEADACHES! I felt better, had more energy and could not believe what was happening because of your product. Even my fiance started using it and actually felt better and had more energy. The first night he applied it he said he felt "something". It is truly amazing! I think all of us are lacking in some way of the minerals that we should be getting in our diets. I will have to say that your product gave me back the quality of life that my headache pain was gradually taking from me. I would recommend that anyone who has these type of health issues give this a try, it sure helped me tremendously, thank you ever so much for educating and telling us what doctors seem to ignore - that sometimes non-traditional treatments like your product actually work! It definitely did for me."
(Steff of Chattanooga, Tennessee)
"I'm 43 and have suffered from headaches/migraines for many years. I have tried everything, no matter how odd it sounded. If you are like me, you would try just about anything to keep from getting headaches. I was researching causes and treatments when I saw the Magnesium Direct website. I had heard about magnesium in the past and tried it in pill form (calcium/magnesium) but it didn't seem to do a thing for me. I read your website and thought I would try your product. It's been 2 weeks now and I've been headache free! I was getting them everyday and I was getting desperate. I'm sure glad I tried DermaMag. I also feel better, have more energy, seem to sleep better, and have less aches and pains. I recommend this to anyone who suffers from frequent headache or migraines."
(Scott of Cambridge, Ohio)
"I initially bought the product for my mom to try and alleviate her constant migraine headaches. After applying the product (as recommended) she has noticed a tremendous decrease in the severity of her migraines and also they are happening much less often than they used to."
(Otto of Miami, Florida)
"My name is Linda. I am 53 years old and have been having migraines since 1993, which have gotten progressively worse in frequency, intensity and length. I am on the prescription medication Imitrex and was also taking the extra strength Excedrin. I also have pain from 3 herniated cervical discs. Back in Jan/Feb when I was seeing the chiropractor and doing spinal decompression, he recommended that I start taking a calcium/magnesium supplement, which I started doing. It did give me some relief from the pain. Then I came across DermaMag. The last severe migraine was on 4/12/09, which lasted about 24 hrs, but that was before starting the DermaMag. It is unfortunate that the doctors are unaware or just don't tell you about magnesium. It is certainly less expensive and safer than the prescription drugs. I am hopeful that as I continue to use DermaMag, my migraines will continue to be less frequent, less intense."
(Linda of San Antonio, Texas)
"I have been using DermaMag since the middle of November, 2009. I wasn't taking it for anything in particular, but I did see some things on the list of magnesium deficiency symptoms that pertained to me. One of the primary items was migraines. I’m pretty sure DermaMag has gotten rid of the migraines. This is the first time in about 20 years that I haven't had one in the months of November, December or January. These are usually my worst months. I love DermaMag!! No migraines and I am sleeping better too. I have always had a problem falling back to sleep at night if I wake up. To my surprise, I have recently found myself falling back to sleep on a few occasions. That was a rare occurrence for me in the past."
(Jean of Lapeer, Michigan)
"My name is Bonnie and I have really bad migraine headaches. I started having them when I was around 42. So they believe they are happening because I am pre-menopausal. The migraines really drive me crazy and interrupt my life a lot. So I had been reading on the internet about migraine headaches and what you could do to help yourself. I read that some times your body doesn't have enough magnesium as you age and that could have something to do with getting migraines. So I bought some magnesium pills and tried those. Well they really messed with my stomach so I quit taking them. Then lo and behold I found DermaMag on the internet. Thank goodness it's an oil form of Magnesium that you rub on your arms and legs. I really believe that DermaMag has helped me a lot. I still have some migraines but they’re not near as often and not near as bad. So I plan on using this from now on. And I don't have to worry about the stomach upset from it because you rub it on your arms and legs. Thank you for such a great product!"
(Bonnie of Lewisville, Texas)

"I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with my bottle of DermaMag. I use it at night and it helps me drift off to sleep. I also believe that I am sleeping better since I started using it."
(Lee of Gilbert, Arizona)
"My whole life I've had insomnia. Sometimes, I lay awake all night thinking about how much time I had left before I had to get up, only to fall asleep 20 minutes before the alarm would ring. If I were able to fall asleep early, I would wake up during the night and be unable to fall back to sleep. I tried over the counter sleep aids, but they really didn't do much for me. I recently learned about magnesium deficiency, and how DermaMag would be the quickest way to fix it. The first time I sprayed it on, I started to feel more relaxed, and was drowsy within a half hour. The next thing I knew, my alarm clock was waking me up. I had slept through the entire night and I felt refreshed! The DermaMag provided me with two immediate benefits, muscle relaxation, and the ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. I can honestly say this is the solution I've been waiting for. You don't realize how tense and wound up you are until you experience true relaxation. I never thought I could before DermaMag."
(Marguerite of Fairborn, Ohio)
"I became interested in DermaMag after reading various articles indicating that the body absorbs magnesium better through the skin. I then started searching for a magnesium supplement absorbed through the skin. After reading so many positive testimonials, I figured, what have I got to lose? After using DermaMag for only a week, I am finally able to sleep without the use of sleeping pills. My feet, ankles, and legs have ached for years, I now am getting relief without using pain meds. I am back using my treadmill and feel better than I have felt in years. Thank you DermaMag."
(Patty of Laguna Niguel, California)
"I am SO glad I finally found out how important magnesium is for my body at this time (over 40 and then some). I had forgotten how it even felt to sleep THAT deeply and well. I had gotten used to years of being awake during the middle of the night for hours, and used to tiredness upon waking and general fatigue. After a month or so of using the DermaMag, I gradually started sleeping better and better, but after one particularly deep and restful night's sleep, I was nearly in tears of joy... I had reached such a point of desperation from lack of sleep. And all the time new medical studies come out telling how important sleep is for weight, blood pressure, heart disease, etc.. About every other night (though I aim for every night) I put some DermaMag in the bath water, along with baking soda, and perhaps a drop or two of essential oil for the full spa experience. What a wonderful way to take my medicine. Thank you so much for putting out such a great quality product that has improved my life so much."
(Eileen of Paoli, Pennsylvania)
"Before I started with the DermaMag I was having problems with sleep. Now I wake up after a deep sleep and feel rested. This is the best sleep I have had in many years and it is due to DermaMag, which is a natural product, NOT prescription or over-the-counter sleep aides. I have only been on the product a couple of weeks, but expect to see more benefits in the future. I have had no bad reactions and am working my way upwards in dosage."
(Chris of Columbus, Ohio)

"I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over ten years, taking several types of supplements and prescriptions with only temporary relief. At first I was skeptical about purchasing a product which I had never used before. I began administering DermaMag on both legs with doses somewhere between 150mg and 200mg daily. After a week I began to administer DermaMag to both of my shoulder trigger points as well as joints in both arms. After a week I was amazed at how my pain had eased. I'm also sleeping better at night. Thanks for putting out a product that really lives up to the hype. It’s the real deal and I’m very appreciative."
(Rose of Olympia, Washington)
"I have had Fibromyalgia for 15 years. I was rather doubtful about the DermaMag, but noticed several people had mentioned having good results with it on a Fibromyalgia web site. So I decided to try it. I began feeling better within a few days, but wondered if it was really the DermaMag. So I stopped it for a couple of weeks. My feet, ankles and legs - areas of my body that bothered me originally - began bothering me again. It did not take long for me to realize I needed to start using DermaMag again and stay on it. DermaMag has made such a difference in the way my feet and legs feel. I had been experiencing feelings of deadness and tingling along with discomfort. I find other areas of the body also start aching if I forget to spray that day. I had no idea my body was lacking this magnesium mineral. Thanks!"
(Sara of Danville, Arkansas)
"As soon as I received my bottle of DermaMag I began rubbing it on my arms and legs as directed. To my amazement, the very next day my fibromyalgia pain began getting less and less. Thank you for the pain relief."
(Gary of Farmington Hills, Michigan)
"Due to fibromyalgia, I do not sleep well nightly. When I get up from bed in the mornings, my whole body feels so lethargic, as if I had never gone to bed at all. I have heard about the benefits of magnesium supplements and had tried oral magnesium but found that I cannot take it daily due to stomach upset. So I did some research on the internet hoping to find other alternatives. Was I ever glad to find the DermaMag product. I started using DermaMag and was amazed by the results. After using it for less than a week, my sleep started getting better. I continue to use the product nightly. Since using the product, I found that I get deeper sleep and each morning, I wake up with a well rested body. And no more of those fatigue feelings in my body. I am very happy with the product and now my husband and my children have started using it too."
(Jade of Ontario, Canada)
"I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia after the birth of my second child 25 years ago. At first the doctors tested me for arthritis, a condition which runs in my family; but they soon found that my condition was in the muscles, not the joints. There was not much known about fibromyalgia at that time and I was told to simply stay away from caffeine and to exercise. Over the years, as doctors learned more, I was finally given something to help me sleep as this was another symptom of fibromyalgia. I have taken dozens of vitamins, herbs and medications to help alleviate my suffering. Non have given much relief. Finally, I have gained over 20 pounds taking the medication approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia; but this has caused me other problems. Then I was up early one morning because of my refusal to take sleeping pills, when the infomercial came on the TV about DermaMag. Boy, am I glad that I decided to give it a try! This product has saved my life! No longer do I awake in the middle of the night with my hands aching like a toothache. I noticed the change after about one month. The pain in all of the trigger points have lessened which has surprised my chiropractor at my monthly visits. And of course I told him about the DermaMag. I am sleeping through the night now and have actually lost 10 pounds through exercise and a weight management program. This did not work as long as I was on that fibromyalgia medication; so my outlook on life has improved 200%. Thanks for making this product available to me!"
(Artie of Danville, Kentucky)
"I purchased DermaMag back in November and am thrilled! I have fibromyalgia and cfs and after using DermaMag my pain is at a minimum. I attribute this to repeated use of your product. Now my husband is using it successfully for his diabetes and arthritis, and my son is using it for lower back pain. I also use it at night to sleep better, and boy does it work! I am definitely a lifetime customer."
(Diane of Newtown, Pennsylvania)
"I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 1 1/2 years ago; however, I'm sure I've had it for at least fifteen years and have just dealt with the pain. When I finally gave in and went to the doctor, it started an avalanche of pills. I was eventually on 15 different prescription medications, 5 of which were for fibromyalgia and 2 of which were for migraines. The rest are for asthma, high cholesterol, depression, and hypothyroidism. Because so many of the medications I was on caused drowsiness, I was lethargic all day and could barely function. I was also extremely concerned about what my liver and kidneys were having to process so I started doing some research. It seemed everywhere I looked magnesium was mentioned. When I came upon DermaMag I was truly excited...I did not have to swallow another pill! I ordered my first bottle and could not be happier with the results. After about two weeks I started tapering off on the muscle relaxers and pain pills. Another two weeks and I was completely off all the pain pills and muscle relaxers; and my Synthroid medication had to be reduced! In addition to that, I haven't had a migraine since I started using DermaMag. I've got five beautiful grandchildren and I could not even play with them. That was not at all how I envisioned my life with grandchildren. It was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other to go to work. After using DermaMag for a month I feel like I've got my life back again. I feel like doing things again! My pain is not yet completely gone, but it is definitely at a level that I can live with and enjoy life again. Thank you so much!"
(Sherry of Ft Walton Beach, Florida)
"For the last 2 years I have had a terrible experience with Fibromyalgia after taking Lipitor for about 6 months. My left shoulder and arm was always very painfull and I took pain medications constantly. After using DermaMag for about 2 weeks I am free of pain and not taking any other medications. Thanks DermaMag."
(Dr. Andrew W. Krasuski, MD. of Hyden, Kentucky)
"I have been suffering with chronic fatigue and fibromylgia for over 4 years. The pain was unbearable and I could not do any real walking, exercise, nothing. The pain outweighed the idea of exercise for me. I tried numerous prescription drugs, numerous supplements, and spent thousands of dollars on doctor prescribed pills, supplements, acupuncture, aquatic therapy, physical therapy, b vitamins, di ribose for energy, energy drinks..there was no sure cure. All doctors wanted to do was give me shots for pain, spinal injections, cortizone, more anti depressants; it made me sicker and crabby and frustrated and just not interested in anything anymore. Since I bought DermaMag my life has changed considerably. My muscle pain is so improved, I cannot believe it myself. All these years of dangerous drugs being put into my body and a single mineral substance like DermaMag comes along and I found a miracle. No doctor wants to even hear about this. This product has given me back hope. It has saved me from a life in a wheel chair or nursing home. I dont think people really know how important these magnesium salts are for your health. DermaMag has saved my life."
(Nancy of Surprize, Arizona)
"Since my purchase of DermaMag and my daily use of this product I have improved significantly and feel much improved. I suffer from fibromyalgia and cervical headaches at least 3-4 days a week. Since I have been using DermaMag I have headaches only once every other week and they are less than half as painful than they were. Also, my muscular tender points are much less sensitive than they used to be. I am functioning on a much improved quality of sleep and am waking up much less achy. This product has been very beneficial in helping to feel and function much better. I plan on continuing with this great product."
(Joanne of Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
"I have been dealing with a great amount of pain from fibromyalgia for 27 years. My doctor has prescribed pain medication which helps to some degree. I still have a good amount of pain in my back and hips, with different other areas from time to time. I have tried different products that you can buy without prescription to apply locally to help with the pain. Some helped a little bit and did not last very long. Then I read about DermaMag on the internet. I read everything on their website and learned it was helpful for Fibromyalgia pain. I take Magnesium Malate tablets which I get from a health food store. They have helped somewhat with the pain. Since I know people with Fibromyalgia are very low in magnesium it made sense to me that DermaMag was worth a try. I ordered a bottle and was amazed at how well it helped my pain. It worked very fast and lasted a long time. My pain was reduced a great deal and I am so comfortable when I use it. I apply the DermaMag before leaving the house and now I'm able to do more things when I go on errands. I have recommended it to others with the assurance that it will help them too. It is well worth the price of one bottle to try it out yourself."
(Linda of Austin, Texas)
"Within the first week of using DermaMag, I saw a definite difference in my pain levels and muscle spasms from Fibromyalgia. I have suffered for almost 20 years with pain, lack of sleep, and the intense fatigue that goes with this disease. I am a different person after using DermaMag. After using the product for two months even my massage therapist could tell a difference in how my muscles were changing. My back was beginning to loosen up. I have more energy than 10 years ago. I have told everyone in my office what a wonderful product this is and the changes I have seen in my body. This product works! I sleep better, I have more energy. My muscles are not tight as a spring. I have tried everything from prescribed medications, passive exercise, over the counters. Nothing has helped me like DermaMag."
(Pat of Arlington, Texas, Registered Nurse)
"It is truly an honor for me to get the opportunity to speak about DermaMag. I have been ill with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 23 yrs. I have been on 100% medical disability since April of 1992. There's really not a lot that I haven't tried to get relief from the horrific pain that I have suffered - to the point of thinking I can't take it anymore. This disease literally stole my life from me. I was 32 when I became ill, with a 2 yr old daughter. Now I am almost 55 and I can finally sleep on my left side which I haven't been able to do in many, many years. Before I stated using DermaMag I could only lay on my left side on top of pillows for a maximum of five minutes and the pain would already be so bad that I would literally suffer for hours. Much to my surprise after using DermaMag for a very short while I actually was able to sleep the entire night on my left side and experienced absolutely NO PAIN! I truly could not believe it! I have also found a wonderful blessing with my IBS which was severe! I have been taking OTC magnesium, calcium and zinc for years and never had any relief from the chronic constipation. I fully intend on taking this product with me to my doctor in hopes that it will help other sufferers like myself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who are responsible for this wonderful product. We needed you more than you will probally ever know."
(Carolyn of Ft. Worth, Texas)
"I have suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for almost 15 years. I am currently disabled due to these conditions. During this time I have researched and tried many products and supplements in the search for some relief from these conditions. I had succumbed, as I'm sure a lot of other people have, to the many scams out there claiming to cure fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Therefore I had become very skeptical of anything claiming to cure or even help my condition until I stumbled upon the DermaMag website one day while researching magnesium and its benefits. I was very intrigued by what I read about DermaMag especially since I had tried taking magnesium supplements for several years with no noticeable results. So, eagerly, yet hesitantly, I ordered one bottle of the DermaMag thinking: if it doesn't work at least I can send it back. Well let me say I did not send it back! I cannot say enough good things about DermaMag. I started using it the day I received it and within 2-3 weeks was noticing a slight improvement in sleep, mood, and energy. It was a slight but ever increasing improvement, one that eventually other people began to notice that I did not "look" as tired or fatigued as I used to. I happily told them about DermaMag and highly recommend it. I highly reccommend DermaMag to anyone I know with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. My medical doctor is having me join an after care program with her medical group, as a patient liason and I will be bringing my info and recommendations for DermaMag with me!"
(Janet of Mt. Carmel, Tennessee)
"I have suffered from fibromyalgia since 2005, after 2 car accidents and a resulting surgery. My doctor put me on an antidepressent which helped for a while but I started to feel suicidal after severly hurting my back at work. Since that was so against my nature I went back to the doctor and talked about other options. Since I'd heard not so great things about the new fibro medicine, Lyrica, she switched me to the popular antidepressent that helps fibro pain, Cymbalta. It helped the pain and I didn't feel depressed on it, as a matter of fact I felt nothing! I lived in a bubble of numbness for 2 solid years and gained 60 pounds in that time. My husband didn't like me, my kids worried about me and I didn't care about much of anything. But one day, when my husband said it didn't matter if I lived with him or not, and felt the medicine was messing up more than just my weight, I woke up. I started researching natural ways to help with the fibro and I found the DermaMag website. I talked to my husband and we decided it was worth a try. I decided to get completely off the medicine first, which was a detox time from hell and took about a month to complete. Then, when I felt it was out of my system, and I was back on the couch unable to move much, I knew it was time to start on the magnesium. I loaded up for about a month, using 64 sprays a day. I rubbed it on my arms, legs, torso and back. After 3 days I was able to get up and do stuff around the house and after less than 2 weeks I was stripping paint and peeling wallpaper! The best thing about the DermaMag is I feel again. At times I feel some pain in my low back and hips but that is from my injury and it is manageable. But most and best, I feel normal and I feel HAPPY! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, DermaMag for giving me a normal life and happiness again. P.S. My husband told me yesterday he is living with the woman he was hoping to marry when he was a young man before he even met me, and he's loving it! So he thanks you too:)"
(Tina of Wilmington, Ohio)
For 7 years, my wife had been suffering from extreme back pain, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and numbness in her right arm, until my research for her symptoms led me to fibromyalgia. Searching for the cause and a natural "cure" for this debilitating condition, I uncovered that the symptoms she was experiencing, as well as my leg and foot cramps, were likely the result of a magnesium deficiency. In late August, we both started a program of DermaMag magnesium sprayed directly to the skin, along with the recommended nightly foot baths, and the results have been no less than miraculous. Within 1 week Carol's numbness in her arm disappeared, never to return, and 2 weeks later her restless legs, that made it so difficult for her to get a good nights sleep, has all but disappeared. Finally after 2 months of magnesium therapy, using your DermaMag, the excrutiating pain in her back is now completely gone! In addition, my leg and foot cramps, that have caused me so much pain for many years now, have also completely vanished! Since understanding the vast role that magnesium plays in the body and the importance of maintaining adequate levels of intracellular magnesium, we are continuing indefinitely with daily applications of DermaMag. We would both like to thank you for producing such a fine product, that we are learning is so vitally important for human health."
(Bob of Trenton, Michigan)
"I have fibromyalgia pain. I take magnesium bicarbonate orally every day but I found that I still need more magnesium! I experience relief from the DermaMag when I use it on the specific spots that ache, or when I overdo either a work out or just plain work too hard. It is also helpful to me on my "off days" as I take prednisone every other day, to help salvage my adrenal glands. On those off days I need a little extra something to get me through to the next prednisone treatment, the DermaMag helps. I liked it so well I wrote about it in my column for the"
(Lorinda of Laguna Hills, California)
"My husband found DermaMag online to help me with fibromyalgia pain. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, I decided it was worth a try. I appreciated the fact that it was a natural product, not a drug with all the side effects. To my delight, DermaMag has lessened the pain significantly and has also helped with my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which was also due to fibromyalgia. Thank you for this amazing product!"
(Katherine of Meridian, Indiana)
"I was in two automobile accidents as a child that resulted in my right side being partially paralyzed and on top of that as an adult I developed fibromyalgia. I have had fibromyalgia for a number of years and have tried a number of things to help with very limited success. The prescription medications for fibromyalgia have caused bad side effects so I cannot take them. Currently I am limited to muscle relaxers and strong doses of ibuprofen. A few months ago I learned about DermaMag when my aunt gave some to me and have been using it since. I find that after doing housework my pain is intensified and if I use the DermaMag, it greatly reduces the sharp pains in my feet and legs. As a result I take less of the muscle relaxers and ibuprofin. I also find that I sleep much more soundly than I have for years so I am more rested. When I told them at my Fibromyalgia Clinic that I was using it they thought it was a great idea and said that some of their patients were already using it with great success."
(Karrie of Bellevue, Washington)
"I have suffered with fibromyalgia for about 13 years. I've been to five doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, you name it. All had something useful to offer, but no one had any answers. I have taken many prescription pain killers and anti-depressants over the years. Also, I take vitamin and mineral supplements including MSM. I was able to relieve the worst of the pain, but always had stiffness and great soreness in my legs as well as calf cramps, not to mention the fatigue and lack of energy that goes along with fibromyalgia. I haven't been able to bend my legs enough to sit in a tub for all this time. After reading Dr. Dean's book on magnesium deficiency, I found DermaMag on the internet, and said why not, I've tried everything else. I've been spraying it on my legs and shoulders for about 3 weeks now. Much of the stiffness has left my legs and they are not as sore--also no more cramps. I believe my energy has had a boost. It seems too good to be true, and I was afraid I was giving DermaMag more credit than it was due in such a short time. But I'm not imagining the great difference it has made already."
(Lucile of Knoxville, Illinois)
"I have had Fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome for 20+ years. I began using DermaMag a few months ago and have noticed improvement in my body aches, muscle pain and bowel function. My skin seems softer and my energy levels have improved. I would recommend this product to everyone!"
(Liz of Chino Hills, California)
"I have Fibromyalgia and I had read that increasing your cellular magnesium could help with pain. I tried many different kinds of oral magnesium but all caused digestion upset. I was thrilled when I found out about skin-absorbed magnesium! I ordered DermaMag because it is the highest quality you can buy and after about a week of use I had substantially less pain. I spray it on my arms and legs 20 to 30 minutes before I shower or use it as foot soak before bed. It's good to know I can get the magnesium my body needs in such an easy way."
(Margie of Nashville, Tennessee)
"I have not yet had a fibromyalgia attack since starting DermaMag. I have it pretty well under control in terms of muscle and joint aches."
(Kim of Edmonds, Washington)
"I first heard about magnesium in spray form from a member of one of the fibromyalgia and chronic pain groups I run. The woman claimed that she had completely gotten rid of her fibro pain by using magnesium in a spray form. We were all quite excited to hear of something that seemed to work – and she wasn’t selling it! With so many chronic pain disorders there are always “snake oil” salesmen ready to offer you “the one and only true cure”. After going through a particularly severe bout of pain and fatigue I decided to give it a try. I ordered the 8 oz size of DermaMag and the shipping was incredibly fast! I began using it right away, and had results right away. I thought maybe it was some kind of wishful thinking on my part, but am now convinced that it just flat out works!!!! It has truly changed my life. I haven’t taken it long enough to be completely rid of pain, but I would say that after only one full week, my pain has decreased by 40% at least!!!! When you live with pain every moment of your life, this is a HUGE change. I believe that with the steady use of this amazing product, I will be able to enjoy my life again. I also wanted to point out that the use of the product in a foot bath is particularly nice. You can sit back and relax and have some quiet time while the DermaMag does its magic. I have two support group meetings coming up soon and can’t wait to spread the news! Thank you DermaMag – it is so great to find a product that actually does what it promises!! I will be ordering the larger size soon. I could not be more pleased."
(Vickie of Katy, Texas)
"I have Fibromyalgia and started using DermaMag on 4/20/09. As soon as I put it on, my pain diminished, especially on my legs and my back. This product is a miracle. I have spent much time researching and trying many products before, but the way DermaMag works is incredible. I just bought a 32oz bottle for my second purchase. My mother also uses it for her arthritis pain. I have also told many friends who have a wide variety of pains. As soon as they try DermaMag, their pain diminishes too."
(Maritza of Pembroke Pines, Florida)
"I have been using DermaMag for about a month now. I was desperate when I ordered it as I was having so much pain--well beyond discomfort. I have been feeling so much better now. Even though I did have a 'flare' it was so diminished in duration and pain that it made me a believer. So many people are skeptics and I was one of them. I thought it was worth a try and it has certainly added quality to my life. I am having a lot more 'good days' than I have had in years."
(Judith of Richmond, Virginia)
"I have known for a while that I needed a magnesium supplement, both from my own research and my ND recommending it for my fibromyalgia. I have tried so many different types of magnesium supplements that promised no G.I. distress--only to find to my intense discomfort that was not the case. Your claims seemed too good to be true! My husband and I both have been using DermaMag for about 5 weeks now. Neither of us has experienced any gut reaction to the product. It took a little over a week before we noticed a definite improvement in our sleep patterns. We had both been suffering with pronounced insomnia and we both have very stressful jobs. We are both sleeping not only longer but better--we now wake up feeling much more refreshed! Before we were taking multiple over-the-counter sleep aids. Now all we need is DermaMag! Another unlooked for benefit was that my husband's restless leg syndrome has diminished considerably. We look forward to more benefits as we continue to use your wonderful product."
(Kim of Seattle, Washington)

"I want to thank you for such a superior product. I suffered from unexplained chronic fatigue. Even after diet and exercise, I was so tired at the end of the day that I would collapse on the couch. My fatigue had such a negative impact on my life and family. I felt only "half alive". Ironically, my internet search of Migraine inquiries led me to the subject of magnesium deficiency. I ordered DermaMag for entirely different reasons and was pleasantly surprised to find an end to my fatigue! I'm only sorry I didn't hear of it sooner! I feel like I have my life back. Thank you so much."
(Lisa of Conway, Arkansas)
"I am 33 years old and have been struggling with fatigue since my teens. The last 5 years, however, had been the most unbearable and my life was becoming more and more compromised. I was being treated for adrenal fatigue and was even sent to the hospital for a day of testing to make sure my adrenals weren't beginning to fail. Other misdiagnosis began when I was 28; I was told I could be in early menopause, clinical depression, or pre-diabetic. It was not until my heart started continuous cramping that my endocrinologists suggested magnesium deficiency. This was something the cardiologist I had seen could not diagnose. The cardiologist told me he didn't know why my 'heart hurt' and sent me on my way. I truly believe magnesium saved my life from an imminent heart-attack. I immediately began DermaMag and within 1 week my heart relaxed, I began sleeping soundly all night and my energy levels became normal. Also, my hair has thickened and is growing again, the list goes on. You don't know how hard you are fighting to maintain life until the weight of chronic fatigue is removed. No wonder everything seemed so much easier for everyone else to do and accomplish. I am so happy to have DermaMag. It is so much better than drinking powder or swallowing a pill. The hope of a full recovery not taking a year is also thrilling. I feel my battle is won! Thanks for your product and valuable, life-saving information."
(Deborah of San Luis Obispo, California)
"I've been living with chronic fatigue for years now. When I received my first bottle of DermaMag I admit I was skeptical, especially after I read the directions and it said you could dilute it by half. I just laughed and used it full strength, and I didn't feel any tingling. I said to myself, "this is another scam, its not going to work". Imagine my surprise when after doing a full day's work, doing mine and my Dad's weekly grocery shopping at a big superstore, feeding his animals and my animals, I was not exhausted. Did I mention that the grocery trips consists of buying 50 pound bags of dog food, 20 pound bags of cat food, 40 pound bags of bird seed, and 30 pounds of cat litter. Usually I can barely even lift my feet to walk after all of that. I was amazed. It really does work. I am no longer totally exhausted at the end of the day, and yet I have no trouble falling asleep at night, which I did before. I don't think I could go without it for one day. Thanks for this great product."
(Linda Gay of Watertown, Tennessee)
"I'm a naturopathic physician in Tokyo, Japan. I have suffered with chronic for the last 3 years. Dr.Jonathan Wright is my close friend and a very famous naturopathic doctor and advised that I should try using DermaMag. 19 days after beginning DermaMag, I felt improvement in my back pain and it also cleared the fog in my head. 32 days after beginning, the muscle tension in my neck and hands were gone. Some symptoms with my chronic fatigue still remain but the major symptoms had mostly cleared by the time I finished the first 16 ounces. Now I introduce DermaMag to my patients who suffer from chronic fatigue, muscle tension, headaches and depression."
( Dr. Akio Sato,Ph.D.,CCN.,HHP, of Tokyo, Japan)
"I had spent quite a bit of time and money in trying to reduce my daytime fatigue. Unfortunately, no one thing worked. That is until I read Carolyn Dean's book, "The Magnesium Miracle" and began using Magnesium Direct's DermaMag. I started slowly with 16 sprays per day due to sensitive skin. After two weeks I was feeling significantly better. I was more alert, had significantly reduced occurrences of daytime headaches, had better memory and my performance at work was improved. By 5 weeks I no longer needed to take daily naps. Now I can work 8 hours, when before I would become extremely fatigued after about four hours. One of the great benefits is the ability to recover within a few days from most simple (minor) muscle injuries sustained while working out at the gym. I have improved in so many areas: better sleep, more energy, improved memory, less headaches, slightly better mood, better injury recovery. In short, DermaMag is an integral part of my daily routine and has helped to improve my life in many ways."
(Frank of Chicago, Illinois)
"I have been dealing with chronic fatigue for the past several years, along with being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. My adrenals have been compromised, and I have tried everything to address my unstable energy drop. Because I have read that magnesium is the most important mineral, with so many support features, I took the recommendation from DermaMag and purchased a Helen of Troy foot bath and have been doing 20 minute soaks 7 days a week. My energy level is higher and more stable. My sleep pattern is much improved. I will never go without my 20 minute DermaMag foot bath."
(Nancy of Placerville, California)
"After 14 years of Chronic Fatigue, I have just experience an almost immediate increase in energy and clarity of mind upon using DermaMag. In the past four weeks, I have begun using the stairs again, cooking for myself and I planned and hosted a dinner party for six. What a pleasure it was for me to entertain again in my home. It has been years since I have had a party, and I even made it to work the next day - truly a miracle for me. I am looking forward to having a life again as this improvement has been consistant for over four weeks now. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for your product."
(Shelley of Keizer, Oregon)
"DermaMag has become a daily part of my life. Finally my mystery has been solved. Years of doctor visits to determine the cause of my fatigue, depression and pain were useless. DermaMag has finally come to my rescue. The application is simple and the results are great. If I had to choose one daily health routine, it would be DermaMag applications."
(Marie of Pell City, Alabama)
"My support for DermaMag would fall under fatigue relief. I'm a writer and I need to be able to sit at the keyboard for 3 to 4 hours everyday. DermaMag helps me to do that. I am able to keep my focus for 4 hours or more without throwing in the towel."
(Tom of Dauphin Island, Alabama)
"I have suffered for many months with low energy, often not getting up until 10 AM. The day following my first application of DermaMag, I woke up early with energy, got up and had good energy all day. My energy has remained high. I'm a massage therapist and have given the product to a client who has frequent muscle cramps; her muscle cramps are immediately relieved when she applies the DermaMag."
(Mary of Stillwater, Minnesota)
"I was using Dermamag for migraines and fatique and have had a VERY positive experience. I was spraying it on my neck and felt more energy right away. I was also using it in my legs and arms whenever they felt weak and it worked very good. I felt more energy right away. I will definitely continue using this product."
(Igor of Bexley, Ohio)

"Little did I know that when I ordered the DermaMag that it would be so beneficial. I find when my back starts hurting (I have a bad disc) I rub the magnesium on this area and the discomfort goes away. It is a great muscle relaxer without any side effects that prescriptions have. I have recommended this product to several of my friends because of its healthy benefits."
(Mary of New Carlisle, Ohio)
"DermaMag has changed so many areas of my life. I had back surgery and had ongoing pain and discomfort. DermaMag helped reduce the pain especially at night and help me sleep without pain medications. I simply love the fact that I can just rub it on my skin. I can also report that I feel calmer during the day and have improved mood, more energy and less fatigue overall. DermaMag is a win-win for me. I sing DermaMag praises to all who will listen. Thank you for making this product, so many people need to know more about the great benefits of DermaMag."
(Meridith of Emeryville, California)
"My wife and I love your product! I ordered your product because of excruciating pain due to an arthritic narrowing of the foramen (nerve channel in the vertabrae) at c6-c7. After using the product for approximately one week, the numbness and pain in my left arm started to subside. I was finally able to sleep again. My knees feel 15 years younger. My condition was medically diagnosed and I was prescribed several drugs for the pain (lodine, nortriptylene, indocin) which I tried for several months. My next course of treatment was spinal surgery - no thanks! After 2 1/2 months of using your product, I feel better than I have in years. For me, nothing works better than DermaMag."
(Mike of San Anselmo, CA)
"My husband and I have been using the DermaMag product for almost four months. My husband has traumatic arthritis in both knees, and knee replacements have been suggested to him. He has been spraying DermaMag on the tender spots on both knees and has experienced less soreness! I have had red blotches on my back. After using the product, they have disappeared. We are both very impressed with this product and would readily recommend it to anyone."
(Annette of Oneonta, New York)
"I've been having trouble with my knees. Of course, I'm 77 years old, so I just wrote it off to old age and the effects of carrying too much weight. However, the immediate effects from rubbing on your product was amazing! I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. It also has stopped the aches in the knees which used to keep me awake at night."
(Bob of Poway, California)
"I am completely sold on your DermaMag. I felt improvement as soon as I rubbed it on my hands. I am 46 and have been plumbing for 25 years. My hands have taken a beating, but the magnesium makes my hands feel like I am 25 again. The pain and tightness have completely disappeared. My wife loves the foot massages I have been giving her everyday and she has been sleeping like a baby. I did research online about the Zechstein Sea and am completely fascinated. My daughters may be a little tired of hearing talk about the importance of high quality magnesium. I have never been a salesman but I could sell your product without a second thought because I am a believer. I truly believe this is a product that will dramatically improve lives. Thank you again and again!"
(Paul of Temple Hills, Maryland)
"I recently purchased DermaMag for pain in my neck and back. After using oral magnesium for some time with some success, I hoped this would work better if applied directly. Upon even the first use I found it did wonders on my pain in just a few minutes! I continued using the product and found using it before bedtime helped me sleep better and wake in less pain as well. I see a dietician for weight loss and asked her about my results with topical magnesium treatment. She agreed it was a good idea to use magnesium for pain, but was unaware it came in a topical formula. When I went back last week I found she'd gone online and ordered the product herself. She was also thrilled with the results she got. She says it's a first at completely stopping her back pain, even though she has had many back surgeries. Now your DermaMag is a part of her recommended pain control program for her patients. Thank you for making this product available!"
(Sandy of Coral Springs, Florida)
"In November of 2008 I suffered from a broken clavicle bone (collar bone) as the result of a fall. The pain was excrutiating, especially when the muscle spasms set in after the 2nd or 3rd week. They involved the shoulder area, back, neck and arm muscles. Because of my multiple chemical sensitivities, I was unable to use any prescription or over the counter drugs for my severe pain. But after reading about DermaMag online, I ordered and started using it, never really expecting the relief I found. It helped me right away, bringing relief in just 10 minutes or so after the application. It also allowed me to get some sleep for the first time in many weeks. I am so happy to have found this product and plan to always keep it on hand for any future needs."
(Lisa of Ocala, Florida)

"I am a very healthy and active 50 year old woman and have always taken great care of myself, exercising, eating healthy, taking daily vitamins, etc. I guess I can say my only problem was that I suffered chronic insomnia (for which I had to take prescription sleep aids). Almost a year ago, a tragic and stressful event occurred in my life. I suffered post traumatic stress over the incident and it all went downhill from there. Despite counseling and taking an anti-depressant, I remained anxious and lost all interest in daily activities. It took all I had to trudge to work every day. About a month ago, I woke up and my body felt like I had been beaten up. My muscles ached and it hurt to pour my morning cup of coffee. I had absolutely no energy. After about a week, I panicked and began researching my symptoms. In the search, I came across the website for Magnesium Direct. I read up on all the information and testimonials posted and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. My order arrived in a couple of days. I tore apart that box and immediately began spraying my shoulders and upper arm areas and rubbing it in good! After about 5 days, the pain and weakness in my muscles was almost completely gone. After about 7 days, my energy began to creep back. Now, after about 3 weeks of using the DermaMag, my energy level has shot sky high, my anxiety and depression is completely gone, I'm feeling good about life, and the most amazing thing for me, I'm getting a drug free good night's sleep for the first time in years! My coworkers have noticed the difference in my mood and have questioned what's going on in my life. I tell them I've been spraying myself with DermaMag. I've been giving out the website and it's causing quite an interest among everyone. I'll keep spreading the word and will definitely keep using this product on a daily basis as part of my healthy lifestyle for LIFE! Thank you so much!"
(Angi of Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
"I have been using Dermamag for about one month now. I had anxiety and vertigo set in about 2 years ago. I tried everything to treat them, both conventional and nonconventional. When I started DermaMag, I immediately noticed that my anxiety symptoms were starting to subside. Within about one week they were completely gone. I have also noticed that I haven't had any vertigo and my energy has increased. I have not missed a day of DermaMag. I feel good when I use it and have no desire to feel like I did before using it."
(Bonnie of Dalton Gardens, Idaho)
"I’m a long time sufferer from the following conditions: depression, anxiety and mild PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder). I felt stressed out all the time. I gave up medication and decided to go the natural way about 2 years ago. I did a detox regimen at first and started to feel a little better and sleep better, but still felt a lot of depression and anxiety most of the time, so I knew there had to be something that was missing. I forgot to mention that my anxiety and depression were severe not mild. This meant that I had extreme tension of the muscles and joints, exhaustion, severe skin problems and I basically felt on guard 24 hours a day! My depression symptoms included tiredness, sleepiness and even thoughts of suicide. Even after the detox of three months the problems persisted. So I spent about a year researching and found out that stress and even the detox process itself can deplete magnesium from your body! I started looking for the best magnesium and DermaMag seemed like the best product, so I ordered a 32 ounce bottle. It came after a couple of days and I applied it to my arms and legs and did a foot soak. It burned my skin on all the places with eczema, but it was somehow a good burn as though something was going on that was positive. After about 25 minutes I realized I was calmer, more focused, and more relaxed than I probably was since I was 15 years old (no joke here). I am 34 now. This was it, the missing link that is going to help me live my life again! I have been using DermaMag for about 2 weeks now and already feel so much better. Thank you Magnesium Direct. I’m a customer for life. It is a miracle!"
(Adnan of Des Moines, Iowa)

"I have been using DermaMag for a month now, but after only two weeks I have experienced a cessation of muscular twitches that I had been experiencing for a year. I also feel more energy and my skin is very smooth from the natural exfoliation that it gives. I love the magnesium and have already experienced a great deal of success, so I will continue to use it and refer others likewise."
(Starlett of Atlanta, Georgia)
"I just wanted to thank you for processing my order in a timely fashion--it arrived without any problems. I ordered the 32 ounce magnesium and received the empty 8 ounce refillable spray bottle as advertised. I use your product daily for severe leg cramps (I do a lot of standing and heavy lifting at work) and arthritic pain. I can't take traditional painkillers (over the counter or prescription) very often because they cause unwanted side effects-hemmoraging to the point of going to an emergency walk-in clinic--not fun. I would recommend that anyone using DermaMag massage it on your skin after spraying it. I apply it as soon as I dry off from my shower and use it in place of moisturizer for my legs. So far I have not needed a normal moisturizer for my legs. I was using oral magnesium citrate before purchasing DermaMag, and had marginal success. A little of the pain subsided with a 200 mg dose, and when I used 400 mg I was in less pain but got diarrhea--bad trade-off in my opinion. With DermaMag, I stopped taking the oral magnesium citrate to see how well it would work. Within five minutes of applying the DermaMag to my legs, I could feel my muscles relax enough to stand without sharp pains stabbing my calves. My traditional doctor could not find out why I was in so much pain, but I did--magnesium deficiency. My pain has decreased and I sleep and feel better. I know I will be a permanent customer because DermaMag does what it advertises --just follow the instructions. These days, it is difficult to trust that you are going to get your money's worth when ordering a product. DermaMag is helping my body to actually heal itself instead of just taking painkillers (which cause too many problems on a long term basis) and is worth every dollar I spend."
(Darlynn of Parkton, Maryland)
"I am very happy with DermaMag as it has helped me immensely. For nearly a year I've had muscle twitches all over my body and didn't know what was causing this. Then when I was on a ski vacation this spring, I noticed that my heart would beat really fast and hard at night. I had already been to many doctors and none could determine the cause. So I started doing research online and decided to look up information about magnesium deficiency - since years ago a holistic doctor that I went to had told me that I was deficient in magnesium. The doctor had put me on magnesium supplements (that I was still taking). After reading about the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, I thought it was highly likely that this was my problem. Maybe I wasn't taking enough or maybe I wasn't absorbing it properly. As I continued to research and even read a book about magnesium (I highly recommend "The Miracle of Magnesium" by Dr. Carolyn Dean), I learned about DermaMag and how easily this form of magnesium is absorbed. After taking it for only a week, my symptoms had improved. After 3-4 weeks my symptoms were totally gone!!! Knowing first hand how important magnesium is, I will continue to use DermaMag even though I no longer have symptoms."
(Christine of Wilton, Connecticut)
"Thank you for this opportunity to tell you how DermaMag has helped me. I have Lyme disease and taking magnesium internally by mouth only helps feed the borrelia bacteria of Lyme. Taking it transdermally with your product avoids this and provides me with enough magnesium to have stopped my leg cramps. I followed the recommended dosage and in a short time the cramps stopped. I applied the product to my legs below the knees where I was getting cramps. This is a safe way to have magnesium absorbed directly into the body without going through the digestive system."
(Arlene of Woodside, California)
"I have definitely noticed an increase in energy and a disappearance of muscle spasms since using the DermaMag. My chocolate cravings have also decreased. My husband has begun the foot baths in hopes of helping his eczema - will keep you posted on his results."
(Deb of Jefferson, Maine)
"I read a book titled “The Magnesium Miracle” and I was surprised to find out the number of symptoms that are related to magnesium deficiency. To name a few: muscle cramps, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, hypertension and the list goes on. I found DermaMag online, purchased it and after using it for 2 days I no longer suffer from cramps or spasm. I am a living witness that DermaMag does work."
(Wesley of Lumberton, New Jersey)
"I have had great success using DermaMag to relieve muscle cramping in my calves at night. If I awake with cramping during the night, I spray the cramped area and experience relief within minutes."
(Jerry of Jacksonville, Florida)

"I have osteoporosis and have been using DermaMag for several months. I then took a urine test to see whether I was still losing bone density and was pleased to learn that I had a healthy bone resorption pattern with a greater amount of bone being regenerated. It changed in a positive direction since I have been using DermaMag!"
(Rose of San Rafael, California)
"I am writing to let everyone know that this product has truly changed my life. It sounds very dramatic for me to make a statement like this, but you have no idea of what I've been through. Starting at age 11, I would get the worst menstrual cramps that anyone could ever imagine and I would always have to go by ambulance to the hospital. I was still suffering from this affliction even after having a hysterectomy because I still have an ovary and my cervix. On top of that, I would get the worst leg and toe cramps everyday, around 11:00 pm like clockwork. Since I started using DermaMag it has eliminated a host of problems which include the following: leg cramps and toe cramps, heart palpitation, insomnia, menstrual cramps, feeling exhausted, feeling cold, bad migraines, gum pain, and thin nails. I was absolutely shocked at how this precious mineral has restored my health. My memory is even better.
This is how I discovered this lifesaver. I was watching Oprah one day when she had Dr. Oz on. He'd mentioned that if you are having leg cramps, it's because you have a lack of Calcium Magnesium. I immediately went to the computer and starting researching the best source of this because the vitamins that I purchased from my nutritionist wasn't doing the trick for me --and believe me they weren't cheap and came from a very reputable lab. When I have my next appointment I can't wait to tell him that he needs to recommend this product to all his patients and to let him know that he was mistaken. It's not because I don't eat enough bananas, it's because I wasn't getting enough magnesium. My magnesium was depleted. I'm so glad that I followed my first impulse.  You don't have to believe a word that I am saying, and you can be skeptical. All I want you to do is just try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. I am so thankful because I got my health back and the fear is gone that I am going to die of some mysterious disease causing all these aliments--I got back my health. If anyone is suffering from any of the problems that I mentioned, please, I am asking you to at least give it a try. I hope that it makes as much of a difference in your lives as it has in mine."
(Karla of Youngstown, Ohio)
"I've been using DermaMag for 3 1/2 months now. The changes have been gradual and subtle. I'm now realizing that not only is my skin on my arms and legs smoother, but symptoms of food allergies seem to have disappeared. I haven't changed anything else diet or supplements-wise, so I'm thinking it might be the DermaMag that has brought about these changes!"
(Ruth of Honolulu, Hawaii)
"After reading about the importance of magnesium to my health, I changed my diet to include foods containing magnesium and magnesium supplements. My digestive system, however, could not handle the necessary dosages of magnesium. So I ordered DermaMag and applied it every day. In just a few weeks I was no longer experiencing tightness in my calves."
(Mitch of Tallahassee, Florida)
"In late February 2009, as a birthday gift from my daughter/nurse, I received a bottle of DermaMag from Magnesium Direct. Being a Type 2 diabetic on daily maintenance medication, it was recommended that I give the magnesium chloride a try. After a relatively brief two (2) months I have noticed the following: my maintenance level medication has (within the previous 2 weeks) been reduced by my treating physician by 1/3. Additionally, the formerly hard and sometimes flakey skin on the heels of my feet have disppeared, with soft, uniform skin in its place. In short, thus far, I have definitely noticed a difference in my diabetic condition and foot/skin condition as a result of nightly applications of DermaMag to my legs and feet."
(Chris of Beech Island, South Carolina)
"THANK YOU ...for giving me this chance to let you know how well DermaMag is helping me. I am 85 years old and am suffering from post polio pains. I had polio when I was in the Navy in 1943. I was in an iron lung for a week to keep me breathing. There are muscles all over my body that were effected and I have been extremely active all of my life. I had tried most of the pain pills that my doctors have prescribed, but after using DermaMag I have finally found relief and am able to enjoy life again. It has stopped my cramps and I only need to put some on and the cramps stop real soon. My muscle pain from the polio has become more bearable and life is good again."
(Donald of Grandview, Washington)
"I have been using the DermaMag for several weeks now and have found it to help with so many things. I have a burning pain in my foot near my big toe and when I apply the DermaMag it stops the pain immediatly. I actually found this to be hard to believe but it happens every time.. and I am sleeping much better. I then decided to try using it on my face and have found it is reducing my wrinkles and making my skin so smooth - I cannot believe this either but it is true. I use it full strength and not diluted and it does sting but I do not mind, as the results are amazing. I do put face cream on a few hours after I apply it and then wash it all off in the morning. My skin feels so soft, I love it."
(Maureen of Baltimore, Maryland)
"I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your excellent product! I had been suffering from magnesium deficiency for many years; my intense exercise regime only made things worse, especially in this humid climate. Symptoms included heart arrhythmias, painful cramps in the lower legs and poor sleep. Having a sensitive stomach, there is only so much magnesium that I can take orally without suffering from loose stools and stomach aches. Certainly not enough to correct the deficiency. I read in some literature by a renowned naturopathic doctor that she likes to boost her magnesium levels with DermaMag. Eureka! A web-search led me directly to your site. I use DermaMag for foot soaks and also massage it into my skin with some Vitamin E cream. A month later, I am yet to check my magnesium levels, but I can tell you that my cramps have subsided completely, my heart rhythms have stabilized and I am sleeping like a baby! This works!!"
(Anthony of Taipei, Taiwan)
"DermaMag certainly helped with my magnesium deficiency. I was diagnosed with Menieres Syndrome and had to start a regimen of diuretics. Subsequently, I started having muscle cramps and needle-like pain symptoms. I was diagnosed as having a magnesium deficiency but my doctor could not find anyone to infuse me with a magnesium drip. I ordered the DermaMag and along with oral magnesium have overcome the deficiency. I use DermaMag each night before my bath and it has helped very much."
(Cary of Lubbock, Texas)
"I can't thank you enough for this product. I have attached the pictures of my hands before using DermaMag and my hands after 2 months. I have recently been diagnosed with dyshidrotic eczema. It just started about a year and a half ago. My hands felt like someone gave me 1,000 paper cuts on the inside of my palms and fingers. I couldn't even turn the key to my front door it was so painful. By the way, I work in construction, but had to slow down because my hands no longer worked. I read about this product in a magazine after I tried the usual medical treatments (that never worked). Within two months, the attacks were far and few between. Prior to DermaMag, my hands would have sores on them 24/7. Now, I am happy to say, they have subsided to once a month and sometimes once every two months. It's not completely gone, but 90% more tolerable. Thank you so much for being a company that helps put us back to what is natural for us and is proven to work."
(Nancy of Chicago, Illinois)
"I went out with friends one night and had dinner and then we went to listen to a band. We drank a good bit of beer and I got the hiccups. It was a very severe case. When I got home I sprayed the magnesium oil on my throat area and within about a minute my hiccups stopped! I heard about this before so I tried it myself and was amazed at how quickly the DermaMag did the trick. Also, the reason that I ordered the DermMag in the first place was due to my heart palpitations/irregular heart beats. They have almost stopped and I will continue to use the DermaMag in order to resolve my palpitations fully. Thanks for making this great product available!"
(Milton of Hoover, Alabama)
"It never occurred to me that magnesium was such a vital mineral for our overall well being. After reading a wonderful book called "The Magnesium Miracle," I discovered that the best way to absorb magnesium is through the skin by using DermaMag. So I headed towards the different health food stores, wholefoods, etc and to my surprise, no one carries it and they don't even know about it. Fortunately I was able to find DermaMag and placed my order through the internet. I have been taking foot baths every day for the last 2 weeks and have experienced incredible changes. Mainly, I feel that my irritability and mental chatter has practically disappeared. My father is 80 years old and mostly in good health. Nonetheless, he had a bad stomach pain about 7 days ago and was taken to the ER where he was told it might be diverticulitis. They gave him IV antibiotics that did not suit him well. I started him on DermaMag baths and he has had an incredible recovery. He is off any medications and is constant with his magnesium baths. I definitely recommend DermaMag to everyone. I have my whole family using it and cannot stress enough how much change we are experiencing."
(Catalina of San Antonio, Texas)
"I have been using DermaMag since the beginning of April 2009 and I am very pleased with my results thus far. I suffer from a rare hemolytic anemia, PNH, which causes me to have very low red blood cell counts. Prior to starting DermaMag, I experienced frequent heart palpitations and nighttime lower leg cramps, both of which my Doctor attributed to my anemia. The palpitations and cramps would increase in frequency as my anemia worsened. However, soon after I started to restore my magnesium levels with DermaMag, I noticed that the palpitations and leg cramps became less frequent, regardless of the state of my anemia. After 2.5 months of DermaMag, the palpitations are all but gone, and my nighttime lower leg cramps are greatly reduced. In addition, I am also taking an immuno-suppressant, Cyclosporine, which has been shown to deplete body stores of magnesium which contributes to kidney damage. There are several studies that show magnesium supplementation protects the kidney from the side-effects of Cyclosporine use, so using DermaMag everyday gives me the added bonus fighting off this damage to my kidneys. Overall, I am very pleased with the results I have achieved with DermaMag."
(Ralph of Columbus, New Jersey)
"I recently started using Dermamag in order to avoid the unpleasent side effect of supplementing with oral magnesium. My previous supplement contained equal parts of chelated magnesium and chelated calcium. I have replaced that with Dermamag and an oral calcium supplement. In the first several weeks of use, the DermaMag has not caused me any unpleasent side-effects."
(Ray of Frisco, Texas)
"I am thrilled at the results I have obtained from using DermaMag. I have had an unfortunate experience with ongoing diarrhea for over twenty years with no help from the allopathic medical community so I have been unable to take oral magnesium, although I am fully aware that it is every bit as important as calcium to good health and a prevention of fractures. Since I have had the good fortune to find out about DermaMag I have been using it and I am delighted with the results as it has helped me with a long standing problem of a nervous disposition which has caused me to be a life long nail chewer. I also find that I am much more relaxed and since I am a recent widow it has been especially useful as naturally I am undergoing much stress, as I have never lived alone before. I would recommend DermaMag to everyone as it is so easy to use."
(Irene of La Habra Heights, California)
"A few months ago I began having problems with restless legs. It got to the point where they kept me awake for hours every night. My doctor recommended taking magnesium, and said that the DermaMag would absorb better than pills. Within 2 days of starting DermaMag the restlessness in my legs was gone! Because of that I began sleeping better, and have felt better in general."
(Sarah of Canby, Oregon)
"I began using DermaMag a few months ago because I started to see the telltale signs of metabolic syndrome that runs in my family. Within weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my greatest concern which was sleep quality. My sleep is deeper and more restful than it has been in years! My skin has improved, my cravings for sweets has been greatly diminished and maybe I'm imagining it, but my joint pains seem to have disappeared! DermaMag is absolutely the closest thing to a miracle cure that I have ever tried. I recommend it to all, especially those with metabolic syndrome."
(Felicia of Rancho Santa Margarita, California)
"I am 51 years old and for the past 3 years I had experienced heart palpitations so excessive that when I laid down to sleep at night, or for a nap, I thought my heart was jumping out of my throat and chest. The only way I could get rid of them was to get up and walk around. But as soon as I laid back down, especially when laying on my side, the palpitations would return. Note, it is very hard to sleep while you are walking around and needless to say I lost quite a lot of sleep and consequently, additionally suffered from insomnia. Then, recently, my mother died suddenly from a heart attack, and I knew I needed to have my heart checked to see if I was suffering from heart damage from these palpitations. All tests done by the cardiologist came back saying my heart was beating normally. My cardiologist told me that it is normal for women to have heart palpitations while they are going through peri-menopause and that they would probably go away after I had gone through menopause. The cardiologist recommended I take Magnesium supplements. So, I started taking up to as much as 1600mg of magnesium daily, ate foods loaded with magnesium, and continued supplementing with hormone replacement therapy which was also supposed to help. NONE of these helped and I was exasperated with frustration from being so tired all of the time. Then, I read about Magnesium Oil, quite by accident, and after doing some research, decided to order some DermaMag. What a MIRACLE! After the FIRST DAY applying DermaMag at the recommended saturation level amount, I experienced NO, repeat NO heart palpitations when I went to sleep that night. Women, there is absolutely NO REASON for any of us to suffer needlessly. DermaMag did what no doctor and no amount of magnesium supplementation could do! I FINALLY am able to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep!"
(Leann of Leesburg, Virginia)
"I have used DermaMag for several weeks now and appreciate it's multi-uses. I broke a small bone in my back this past year and have been experiencing pain. X-rays showed that my bones are thinning. I rub the magnesium oil on my arms and legs and back each morning. I know how important magnesium is in supporting calcium for absorption into bones and I find the use of magnesium oil topically to be much more "palatable" than oral magnesium. Along with my thinning bones, I noticed my teeth were taking on a dark appearance. They were not stained, but the enamel was actually thinning showing the blood vessels. I use the magnesium oil to brush my teeth. Afterwards, I put a few more squirts in my mouth and swish it around for several minutes. It certainly can't be called tasty, but I've gotten used to it! While I can't tell how my bones are doing, I can definitely see a difference in the appearance of my teeth already. I also use the DermaMag on my face at night…full strength. There is some stinging, but not severe. At first I actually rubbed some water on my face after the application of oil to dilute it a little, but now I just use it straight from the bottle. I like not having to use gooey creams at night and notice that I have less wrinkles and puffiness in the morning. Overall, I can say that my experience with DermaMag has been very positive so far. I researched quite a few brands before choosing this one. I was impressed with the quality of your product and was not willing to take the chance of using something that was not pure just to save some money. Thank you for providing a superior product!"
(Karen of Glenville, Pennsylvania)
"During the past several weeks I have been using DermaMag from Magnesium Direct with excellent results. I have magnesium deficiency. I have used other products but the DermaMag allows for easier absorption without digestive issues. It decreases cramping in the muscles and decreases pain levels. It allows for a better night sleep."
(Mary of Madison, Alabama)
"After using DermaMag for two weeks my chronic High Blood Pressure has dropped to near normal levels. I am confident with a regimen of walking and DermaMag, I will be able to decrease my reliance on prescription medication and utilize a more natural remedy to reduce my elevated blood pressure. After a day of work, I apply DermaMag and within a few minutes a feel calmer….I’m sure several of my friends and relatives will soon place their orders for DermaMag after our conversations about holistic health practices in general and elevated blood pressure specifically. My advice to anyone suffering from elevated blood pressure is to give DermaMag a try and feel the difference."
(John of Chicago, Illinois)
"I have only used the transdermal magnesium topically, but I have successfully cleared up athletes foot in just a few days. It was painful, but it worked. I also have cleared off some skin tags. It has taken longer, and once again been painful, but it is working. Probably the most interesting effect has been how it has clamed down my bladder. That helps sleep tremendously. I read Charles Walter's book "Minerals for the Genetic Code" and decided minerals are the foundation for all our functions. And you can't get more basic than magnesium! I look forward to much more healing. I will know how the magnesium is helping my bones at my next bone density test. My teeth feel much cleaner since I brush with the oil. I am anxious to go to my next cleaning."
(Patsy of Auburn, Kansas)
"For years I have suffered with muscle cramps in my legs, and later discovered that I had high blood pressure. When my acupuncturist suggested that I try your product I immediately ordered a bottle. In two days my cramps were non-existent. I rubbed it on my feet and also noticed that they got smoother and that I was more regular too. I have suffered with constipation for years so this was a great relief. What a great product."
(Sonya of Scarsdale, New York)
"After I received the DermaMag, I diluted it 50/50 with filtered water and sprayed it all over my body, once a day before going to bed, for about four weeks. I used about 30 sprays. A nagging pain in my right upper back seemed to disappear and I generally felt better all over and slept like a rock. After four weeks I reduced the amount to about 8 sprays under the arms, 4 each side, as I read somewhere that it could be used as a deodorant. It is quite effective and good as a general every day deodorant unless I engage in strenuous activity, but I usually take a shower right after that anyway. When my back pain comes back I spray the area about 6 times and by the following day the pain is gone. I've also noticed that my monthly periods seem to be more robust like when I was in my 20's although fortunately the horrible cramps I suffered back then did not return. I have not sprayed any on my face to date but I do plan on doing this. I have used Retin A for the last two years and I have seen some definite improvements in smoothness and reduction of sun damage and control of any break outs. I am very interested to see what effect the DermaMag will have."
(Belinda of Newport Beach, California)
"For fifteen years I have suffered from chronic back pain bowel problems, fatigue and reoccurring kidney stones. After years of doctor visits, tests and screenings the doctors had no clear answers for me. I read health and nutrition books and studied information on the Internet. I came to believe that the cause of most of my health problems is a magnesium deficiency. I ordered DermaMag and felt better after using it on the first day. I am very happy to report that I am feeling better and better each day since using DermaMag. Thank you Magnesium Direct for such a great product."
(Ambie of Vero Beach, Florida)
"Since using DermaMag, I have noticed that a chronic pounding sensation in my ears upon wakening has quieted significantly and my blood pressure has normalized somewhat. One would not expect the body to be able to absorb enough magnesium to cause this high blood pressure reduction without also causing diarrhea, but it does with DermaMag."
(Philip of Terry, Mississippi)
"I'd like to say that when I began using DermaMag in my bath, I was extremely pleased to discover within a few weeks my "cankles" or swollen ankles, disappeared. Shoes fit better and in fact, my entire leg feels much less swollen with fluid retention. Since I also now have less joint stiffness, and better general mobility, I noticed a greatly reduced reluctance to exercise! I also noticed that I am able to sleep deeper and longer, and have noticed a great reduction in food cravings. It’s amazing to me that something as simple as magnesium supplementation through the skin can resolve so many problems that have been a difficulty for me for so long. Thank you for helping make this wonderful and greatly needed product available to people!"
(Eileen of Malvern, Pennsylvania)
"I want to tell the world about my experience with DermaMag Magnesium oil, which I purchased a few weeks ago. I had very painful arms and my knees were not doing well either. I started by spraying DermaMag onto the painful areas after shower and before bed. After just a few days using DermaMag my pain is down and I have more flexibility in all my muscles. I even have my masseur rub it into my skin when I get a massage."
(Daniela of Cambridge, Massachusetts)


Carolyn Dean
Source: Dr. Carolyn Dean MD - "The Magnesium Miracle."
A World-Wide Dilemma
Dr. Mildred S. Seelig MD MPH - Author of "The Magnesium Factor"
In 2006, the World Health Organization reached consensus that a majority of the world's population is magnesium deficient. Likewise, in 1995, the Gallop Organization conducted a survey and found that 72% of adult Americans consume less than the Recommended Daily Allowance for Magnesium.
The chart above shows how American daily intake of magnesium has dropped by 50% in the last 100 years. In 1900, the average daily intake of magnesium was about 450 milligrams a day. By 2000, the daily intake had dropped to about 225 milligrams. This large drop is alarming, considering that magnesium is necessary to maintain basic human health.
Between 1900 and 1930 heart disease had virtually no medical specialists in the US. There was little interest in cardiology because so few people had any heart problems. Deaths from heart disease rose from 30,000 in 1900 to 700,000 in 1970.
The chart above maps the last 100 years of American heart disease. As magnesium intake fell during this period, death from heart disease skyrocketed. Is this a coincidence? Many doctors don't think so.

Results of Shealy Study
Dr. Norman Shealy MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon and renowned expert on pain management, has completed studies on the impact of transdermal (skin) application of magnesium chloride.
For his study, Dr. Shealy had 16 patients spray magnesium chloride on their body and take a 20 minute foot soak. This regimen was undertaken daily for 4 weeks. After the 4 week study was completed, 75% of the patients had significant improvements in intracellular magnesium levels:
Dr. Shealy explains why these findings are so important, "Deficiency of magnesium is associated with virtually every known disease: heart attacks, diabetes, depression, cancer, etc. Oral magnesium supplements are not easy to assimilate and many take five years or longer to give results."
DermaMag™ Product Use
Spray DermaMag magnesium oil onto skin and rub thoroughly. Application to both arms and legs will provide a large surface area for absorption.  You can apply DermaMag to other areas, if desired.
When applied to the skin, magnesium oil feels slightly slippery at first. After 1-2 minutes, as absorption occurs, it no longer feels oily or slippery.
Please Note: For maximum absorption of magnesium, combine skin application with a daily footbath. Combining the two methods together - skin application and footbath - will produce the best results.
When using a footbath, pour 2 ounces of DermaMag into the footbath tub.  Soak feet for 20-25 minutes using warm water.  Do not use hot water.
Precautions:Be careful not to apply full strength magnesium oil to face, eyes, or other sensitive areas. If irritation occurs, wash with water.
Application to certain skin areas may cause an itchy sensation, or irritation. This can be remedied by diluting the magnsesium oil down to a 1 part water to 1 part magnesium oil ratio. When doing so, it is recommended that you use filtered, clean water for dilution purposes.
Product Dosage
Below is the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for magnesium.
Magnesium RDA
It should be noted that many researchers believe the RDA for magnesium is too low - due to the impact of modern-day diets and stressful lifestyle.
Additionally, those individuals who have been chronically low on magnesium may need to take an elevated dosage for a period to restore intracellular magnesium levels. Restoring intracellular levels of magnesium and reaching "cell saturation" is the key. Magnesium chloride oil enables a person to reach cell saturation much sooner than traditional magnesium supplements that can take 6 months to several years. Doctors report that cell saturation can often be attained within 6-12 weeks when combining a daily footbath with skin application.
After intracellular levels have been restored, you can shift to a daily maintenance dosage.
DermaMag Magnesium Content
Each ounce of DermaMag magnesium oil contains approximately 12 grams of magnesium chloride, which is equivalent to 3 grams of elemental magnesium. When determining the correct dose to use, it is elemental magnesium that is important.
As a general guide when using a DermaMag spray bottle, each spray equals approximately 12 milligrams of elemental magnesium. So to apply 100 milligrams of magnesium you should use 8 sprays.
As an example, applying 8 sprays (100mg) to each arm and each leg (32 sprays in total) will deliver 400 mg of elemental magnesium onto your skin.
Maintenance Versus Cell Saturation
It is important to distinguish between daily "maintenance dose" levels and those levels required to restore "cell saturation"
If your cells are very magnesium deficient, you may want to undergo a "cell saturation" regimen whereby you take higher than normal doses of magnesium for a period until you have reached "cell saturation" or "cell equilibrium". Once your cells have been restored, you can then take a daily "maintenance" dosage level from that point forward.
Below is a guide for using the DermaMag for a cell saturation program:
Please keep in mind that the "Cell Saturation" regimen above is for example purposes only. Your optimal daily magnesium dosage requirements may be different and therefore cause you to consume DermaMag at a different rate.
1- If you have kidney failure.
2- If you have an excessively slow heart rate. 
Dr. Mildred S. Seelig Recommended Maintenance Dosages
Please note: The recommendations below are for a person who wishes to "maintain" health with a "maintenance dosage."  This is different from a "cell saturation" regimen which is used to "catch-up" and restore cells that are already low on magnesium.
In her landmark book, The Magnesium Factor, Dr. Mildred S. Seelig, MD, states that healthy "normal" men who are not very active should consume about 2.4 milligrams of magnesium daily, per pound of body weight (approximately 480 milligrams for a 200 pound man). For men under stress or increased physical activity, about 4.5 milligrams per pound may be required (approximately 900 milligrams for a 200 pound man).
According to Dr. Seelig, for healthy "normal" women, 2.1 to 2.3 milligrams of magnesium per pound is needed daily to maintain proper body equilibrium (approximately 276 milligrams for a 120 pound woman). For women under stress or increased physical activity, the magnesium required rises to approximately the same level as active men (approximately 540 milligrams for a 120 pound woman).
To determine your dosage based on Dr. Seelig's recommendations, you must first decide if you are "Normal" or "Active/Stress". A "Normal" person is someone who is healthy, eats the right foods and does not lead a stressful lifestyle. A person who is "Active/Stress" is someone who participates in physical activity or sports, leads a stressful lifestyle, or doesn't eat healthy foods.
To calculate a daily "maintenance" dose using Dr. Seelig's recommendations, multiply your weight times the milligrams per pound value in the chart above.
As an example, a woman leads an "Active/Stress" lifestyle and weighs 120 pounds. The daily maintenance dose of magnesium, based on Dr. Seelig's recommendations, would therefore be calculated as 120 x 4.5 = 540 milligrams.
The Problem with Most Magnesium Supplements
Jack Samuels, President of the Truth in Labeling Campaign, helps us to understand why we should avoid most oral magnesium products: “Most, but not all of the magnesium being sold "over the counter" is chelated with neurotoxic substances. Magnesium glutamate is clearly of concern because the magnesium is chelated to neurotoxic glutamic acid. Magnesium aspartate is clearly of concern because the magnesium is chelated to neurotoxic aspartic acid, an amino acid that has been found by neuroscientists, in animal studies, to load on the same receptors in the brain as does glutamic acid, to cause identical brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders as glutamic acid, and to act in an additive fashion with glutamic acid. Magnesium citrate is of concern because the magnesium has been chelated with citric acid. Most of the citric acid used in this country is made from corn. Producers of corn based citric acid do not take the time nor undertake the expense to remove all protein from the product. During production, the remaining protein is broken down, resulting in some glutamic acid and some aspartic acid. Some magnesium product producers now try to hide the presence of neurotoxins by stating that their magnesium is chelated with protein or with an amino acid. Finally, if a magnesium product is in a gelatin capsule, the gelatin is over 11% processed free glutamic acid (MSG)."
Daniel Reid
Dr. Jay Cohen, MD, states that "When you take magnesium tablets or capsules, your body absorbs only 30 percent of the magnesium they contain. With many top-selling products, absorption is much less, as little as 10 percent."
Why DermaMag™ is Different
Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, considers the best orally taken magnesium supplement to be magnesium taurate. He believes that magnesium taurate takes six to twelve months to restore intracellular levels. But he has found that skin application of magnesium chloride having a concentration of 25 percent magnesium chloride (or higher) restores intracellular levels within four to six weeks. Referring to the use of liquid magnesium chloride, Dr. Shealy says, "It is a lot simpler and easier, and you can do it on your own. There is no known risk to using magnesium unless you have kidney failure."
(Note: DermaMag contains 31% magnesium chloride.)
Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD and author of "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy" says, "Transdermal (skin) application of magnesium is actually superior to oral supplements in many ways and is the best practical way magnesium can be used as a medicine besides by direct injection. Transdermal magnesium delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal and kidney problems associated with oral use."


The Impact of Magnesium on Health
Dr. Jay S. Cohen MD - Author of "The Magnesium
Solution for High Blood Pressure"
After calcium, magnesium is the most important mineral in our bodies.
Magnesium regulates more than 325 enzymes in the body, the most important of which produce, transport, store and utilize energy. Many aspects of cell metabolism are regulated by magnesium, such as DNA and RNA synthesis, cell growth, and cell reproduction.
Magnesium also orchestrates the electric current that sparks through the miles of nerves in our body. Without magnesium, muscle and nerve functions are compromised and energy diminished. We are operating with the power turned off.
Source: Dr. Jerry Aikawa - The University of Colorado - Author of "Magnesium: Its Biological Significance."
Below is a list of conditions that have been linked to magnesium deficiency:
Anxiety and Panic Hypoglycemia
Asthma Insomnia
Blood clots Kidney disease
Bowel Disease Migraine
Depression Musculoskeletal conditions
Detoxification Nerve problems
Diabetes Gynecological problems
Fatigue Osteoporosis
Heart disease Raynaud’s syndrome
Hypertension Tooth decay
Source: The Magnesium Miracle, Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD
Why Don't Our Doctors Tell Us About Magnesium?
If magnesium is so critical to our health, why don't our doctors tell us about it? The answer may be that most doctors are simply unaware that so many patients are magnesium deficient. Unfortunately, a reliable, readily available test for magnesium deficiency is lacking.
Most medical laboratories are only equipped to measure magnesium contents in the blood. This method, however, is not useful because even if a person is very deficient in magnesium, the body keeps the blood level normal by pulling magnesium from bone and tissue cells. A person can have a major magnesium deficiency and still have normal magnesium blood levels.
Additionally, many doctors did not get extensive training in medical school regarding the health impact of mineral deficiency. Large, mainstream studies on the role that magnesium deficiency plays in many of today's diseases are available, but are simply ignored or overlooked.

Dr. Carolyn Dean - Author of "The Magnesium Miracle"
Why Are We So Magnesium Deficient?  
Researchers believe that we evolved on a diet that was high in magnesium-rich foods such as greens, nuts, seeds, and grains. Because of this, our bodies didn’t develop mechanisms to store magnesium since it was readily available in our food.
This would not be a problem if we still lived in a period when magnesium-rich food was plentiful. But times have changed, and our world today presents a different picture:
AGRICULTURE - The last 100 years has seen a dramatic shift in farming practices. Most of the soil has been overworked and depleted of magnesium. Today’s fertilizers will often contain inadequate levels of magnesium. Additionally, to increase profits, farmers use techniques which accelerate plant growth, but reduce the amount of time for magnesium to fixate within the crops.
DIET – People don’t eat enough high-magnesium foods anymore: green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, legumes, unrefined grains. When we do eat vegetables we often cook or boil them. Doing so tends to leach out a considerable amount of magnesium, as magnesium is water soluble. Also, we eat a much higher percentage of processed foods today, which not only contain less magnesium than natural foods, but often lead to stressful conditions within the body that require higher levels of daily magnesium for us to maintain health.
WATER – Fluoride in our water supply binds to magnesium particles and renders them unavailable for use in our body. Additionally, the filtration processing of our tap water and many bottled water brands removes important minerals, such as magnesium.
Magnesium Supplements Are Now Critical
As it becomes increasingly more difficult to consume proper levels of magnesium from the foods we eat, the use of high-quality supplements becomes necessary. Unfortunately, most supplements are poorly absorbed, so large dosages are needed.
But larger dosages often cause a laxative effect in the intestines, ushering magnesium out of the body in a small time frame, before the body can absorb it. Additionally, our bodies evolved to absorb only a fraction of the magnesium we intake orally, with the rest being excreted. On average, we only absorb about half of the magnesium we ingest.
Daniel Reid - Author of "The Tao of Detox"
Dr. Jay Cohen, MD, states that "When you take magnesium tablets or capsules, your body absorbs only 30 percent of the magnesium they contain. With many top-selling products, absorption is much less, as little as 10 percent."
Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D and neurosurgeon considers the best orally taken magnesium supplement to be magnesium taurate. He believes that magnesium taurate takes six to twelve months to restore intracellular levels. But he has found that skin application of magnesium chloride having a concentration of 25 percent magnesium chloride (or higher) restores intracellular levels within four to six weeks. Referring to the use of magnesium chloride, Dr. Shealy says, "It is a lot simpler and easier, and you can do it on your own. There is no known risk to using magnesium unless you have kidney failure."
Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD and author of "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy" says, "Transdermal (skin) application of magnesium is actually superior to oral supplements in many ways and is the best practical way magnesium can be used as a medicine besides by direct injection. Transdermal magnesium delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal and kidney problems associated with oral use."
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease. If you are pregnant, suffering from any medical condition, or are taking medication, consult a healthcare practitioner before use.


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